Business Phone Systems

When it comes to running a business, your reputation is everything. You really cannot afford to miss calls or have lousy call quality. You’ll need a business phone that allows you to remain in charge of your business while still offering prompt customer service.

Beyond the hardware, our office phone experts at Flexitel will provide a total cost-effective phone solution for your company. We’re your business partner, assisting you in increasing productivity and improving communication.

Phones that work reliably are an essential part of any business.

Any business, no matter how big or small, needs dependable business phones to run smoothly.

Finding the Best And Unique Phone System
For Your Business

Finding the best and unique phone system for your business needs can be challenging, from evaluating VoIP systems’ features and benefits to selecting a desk phone.

If your company wants simple VoIP business phone system features with future growth options or enhanced features like Call-Center, MS Outlook integration, SMS, IM, CRM, Help Desk integration, our Business Phone Systems offers all of it.

You can easily handle your calls and communication flow at all hours of the day and night if you have suitable phones in place. Flexitel will customize a solution to meet all of your business needs today. As you expand into the future, whether it’s diverting to voicemail, voice to email, setting up conference calls, call accounting, call recording, virtual receptionist, music on hold, mobility, or providing easy call forwarding functionality.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Business Phone System?

If you’re just starting in business, a domestic phone system might be an excellent way to cut costs. Business phone systems are usually more costly, but what you get for your money separates them. Examine the features of business phone systems to see if they’d be helpful to you. Business phone systems, on the other hand, typically offer lower-cost phone line packages. If you make and receive a high volume of calls, this may be a better option in the long run. Our system prices start from $800 for a small system (with2 handsets) and up.

Many features and functions are delivered complimentary with your system. Free features include but not limited to: Auto attendant, Call Transfer, Call transfer to your mobile, Extension Dialing, Direct Phone Number, Desk Phone / Mobile extensions, Call Park, Do Not Disturb, Intercom Paging, Voicemail, Call Recording, Music on Hold, Ring Groups, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Waiting & more..

Company VoIP Phone Systems at Their Best

Our expert team will tailor your Flexitel VoIP service to your unique needs, including hardware and support, to ensure that your office phone system is up to scratch.

With our commercial phone systems for companies, BroadConnect Canada specializes in serving the business community as a whole, with a nationwide presence and dedicated lines for all of your IP Telephony connectivity needs.

A complex work environment is created when unified communications are combined with collaboration software like video conferencing or file sharing.

Our comprehensive, advanced phone features delivered over our secure and global IP network guarantee crystal-clear call quality, versatility, and device scalability. We’ll take care of all aspects of your VoIP business phone service, including keeping your office phone system up to date with the most recent technical developments.

Why Choose Flexitel?

We design and introduce a scalable office phone and fax system based on cutting-edge technology that suits your company’s size and needs, all at reasonable prices. Here are some main features of the systems, which are modular and easily expandable or reconfigurable: Call Park, Auto Attendant, Do Not Disturb, Intercom Paging, Fax From/To Your Phone,  eFAX/Fax From/To your computer , Multi location setup, Conference Bridge, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Call Recording, Music on Hold, Ring Groups, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, and Call Waiting are some of the features available.

Office Computers

Most offices have gone digital these days, which means that you’ll need some digital office computer tools to keep your company going smoothly, regardless of your employees’ skills.

Look no further than Flexitel if you’re looking for an office computer tools company you can trust for its honesty and ethical business practices. We are committed to providing you with a dependable and enjoyable experience with the tech products you need. Before, during, and after the deal, we’ll be there for you. That’s our Guarantee.

To get things done, foresee risks, and boost overall performance, we at Flexitel provide organizations and businesses with top-of-line solutions for office computer tools. We offer techniques that are continuously improving the situation for everyone involved in the industry.

Our Goal

We have the best customer service in the industry, with 24-hour support before, during, and after the transaction. We help our customers select the correct items, ensure a smooth ordering process, and ensure that the software is installed correctly and registered after the sale. This is what the Flexitel Experience is all about. We value our customers and stand behind the items we offer so that you can expect the best shopping experience with a personal touch every time.

Office Tools

Wireless Networking, Network Cabling, and Network Installation

Installation of a Network

Flexitel is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and network installations, offering voice, data, video, wireless solutions, and IT support and installation. Flexitel’s IT Consultants serve as a single point of contact for all design-build network construction, equipment rollout, and IT solutions for our clients. We set up standard office drops, direct fiber connections to remote areas, and wireless communication between buildings. There aren’t many cabling scenarios that we haven’t seen in years!

The Network Installation Services provided by Flexitel go far beyond physical cabling. Our Network Construction Practice offers a complete range of networking facilities, including network design, planning, and configuration. Router installation, firewall setup, and wireless routing are all included in our network configuration services.

Wiring and Network Cabling Solutions

Flexitel handles all of the cable and wiring needs of a wide range of small and mid-sized companies. Flexitel is a single source for complete system and network design, engineering, Network Installation, and support from start to finish. Flexitel will act as a representative with your telecom/cable provider, ensuring that your business gets the best mix of options and pricing.

Why should you hire Flexitel to install your network?

The cornerstone of your network infrastructure is deciding which form of cabling and Network Installation Companies to use. Would you build a home without laying a good foundation? It’s the foundation of your network, and if you don’t choose the suitable network topologies and layouts from the start, your office could face a slew of problems in the future. At this crucial beginning point of an office network, you’ll need experience.


We will assist you with your Company's Network Requirements

We will help you comprehend the benefits of a network and develop a piece of cost-effective equipment and implementation strategy. When working with third-party technical providers, such as your Internet Service Provider or software maker, we will serve as your advocate. We can also settle problems in less time than take you to do it yourself because we speak their language.

Current Network Clients – Does your office still have a network? We will help you streamline your network and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

New Network Required – If your office does not have a network system in place, let us create one for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best while still serving as your own IT department.

To have Computer Superheroes test your new or current network, send us a call today. Read more about our Managed Computer Service Plans. We provide a managed service plan that helps businesses handle the costs of computer support.

More thoughtful, More Efficient Networking for Your Company

You’ll never have to worry about device or network failures again, thanks to our dependable round-the-clock monitoring of your devices. When an issue occurs, our automatic warning system notifies us immediately. We also provide automated recovery services that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using cutting-edge hardware and software.

Our networking and internet support services are customized to your unique requirements and budget.

Our service arrangements almost completely eradicate costly outages. You’ll save money because we won’t charge you extra if your network goes down or a server fails – our flat-rate contract covers anything! We also have the training and ongoing support for your team on our networking and internet goods.


Marketing — mainly Internet marketing via SEO, PPC, emails, and Web design — drives some of the most successful and measurable results for increasing exposure, targeting clients, converting leads, and growing a company. Many businesses would find it beneficial to enlist a business services marketing company’s aid to develop their businesses because of this marketing’s demonstrated benefits.

The Benefits of Our Advertising Services

The following are some of the benefits of using ads to promote business services:

  • Catching people’s attention
  • focusing on a small group of people
  • Creating high-quality sales leads
  • Getting those leads to convert
  • Rising the brand’s reputation and knowledge
  • Rising traffic would increase revenue.
  • Developing a corporation

Flexitel is one of the best places for companies to get help with rising revenues and going forward by business services marketing services. A specialist business services marketing firm will concentrate on the income through qualified leads and enhanced e-commerce, among other items. It will work to spread the word about specific business services to assist the company is growing.

Choosing Us

At Flexitel, we aspire to let our customers speak for themselves. Check out our internet marketing testimonials from current and former customers to learn why we are the right internet marketing company for your needs. The key reason you should employ us as your digital marketing agency is that we approach everything we do from a business owner’s perspective, and we handle your company as if it were our own.

Social Media

Is your company getting the support it wants from social media networks? Via social media marketing, you can increase brand awareness across the web and form meaningful connections with your consumers and followers (SMM).


Flexitel specializes in social media marketing for any business, large corporations, and organizations with numerous locations. Our social media marketing experts will help you with your campaign, whether you’re a startup or a Fortune hundred business. Let our social media marketing agency help you increase your brand’s exposure and credibility!

Speak With A Professional

Our experts will assist you in identifying growth hacking opportunities and paving a path to digital success. Our experts perform a thorough analysis of your digital marketing presence to find vulnerabilities and make recommendations for change.

Boost Engagement of your Brand!

The majority of online businesses overlook the real value that social media brings to the table. It can serve as a lead generator as well as an excellent interaction strategy for raising brand awareness. Our social media marketing strategies are crafted with lead generation and retention in mind, ensuring that the audience is continually engaged with a brand that provides them with added value and interest beyond the initial interaction point.

Engaging Advertisement Posts

Our team works hard to ensure that every post we share on your social media accounts is designed to reach a large audience so you get the most out of your campaign. This includes optimizing the photos we use, the text we write, and the links we share on your channels.

It’s critical that you use and social media platform correctly and effectively to show that you’re active, competent, and ready to do business, as well as to promote special offers. We know how to get the most out of any channel your company is involved on, from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, so you can start interacting with more potential clients right away.

Web Support

Maintaining your website is crucial to your online success. We respond quickly to your changing business needs, and we make every effort to make the improvements you want to your website within 24 hours! With trust, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Updating and Maintaining Your Website

Technology advances at a breakneck pace, necessitating the evolution of your website to keep up. Furthermore, to prevent any security vulnerabilities, make sure your website is up to date on security updates.

Monitoring and maintenance of the website

The importance of performance management and keeping the website malware-free necessitates proactive maintenance.

On-Page Improvement

On-page optimization is included in all Flexitel maintenance plans. On-page optimization with sufficient coverage increases the individual web page's SEO and makes it rank higher in search engines, and generate more related traffic. When performed correctly, on-page optimization aids in organic ranking and traffic generation for our client's websites.

Google Search Console

Setup and control of Google Search Console help us track, maintain, and troubleshoot our clients' websites to ensure Search Engine Ranking.

Office Security (Computer and network security)

Data security threats and network intrusions are on the rise, and you’re just as secure as your weakest connection. This is why companies are acting and collaborating with network security experts like Flexitel. We use multi-layered protection solutions to keep your devices, network, and sensitive data secure from cybercriminals.

Our team at Flexitel uses tried-and-true procedures to determine which security policies should be enforced on your network. We find gaps and breaches in your network, fix them up, remove them, and make sure they don’t happen again.

Enhancing the Protection of Your System

Your device and network are the foundation of your company’s defenses, from upgrading your firewall to downloading the new anti-virus and anti-malware software. Email attacks, malicious connections on the internet, and hackers trying to break your defenses are all forms of cyberattacks. You’ll need a multi-layered protection solution that can detect and avoid a wide range of threats to your networks. So, how prepared are your computers and network? Firewalls won’t stop all threats; do you have any additional security measures in place? When was the last time the security solutions were modified or tested?

With our network security services, you’ll be able to answer these and other questions confidently. Flexitel’s method starts with analyzing the existing structures and identifying weaknesses, followed by determining where your defenses can be repaired or improved. We keep your firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software up to date and maintained so that your company is secure from all sides. We’ll find pain points and fix them until your processes are broken by proactively testing and protecting your IT solutions.

Antivirus Services

Antivirus solutions come in various shapes and sizes, but they are all critical to your company’s protection.

Real-time security is the feature to look for when choosing which software to buy. This means you’re safe all the time your machine is turned on. Both incoming URLs and files are continuously scanned for threats by the software. It’s like getting your security officer at your front entrance, checking everyone’s credentials.

Physical Security

It’s essential to keep the staff and properties secure in the workplace. Intruders may pose a danger to both individuals and businesses. Flexitel provides a wide range of security solutions. Invest in our physical security solutions to improve the security of your properties.


Our highly qualified physical security team at Flexitel comprises accredited security professionals whose knowledge and expertise ensure your safety in any situation. We have world-class security solutions and professionals to safeguard your citizens, properties, and reputation around the world.

Integrated Security has developed physical Security technologies to discourage or deter predators from committing burglary, vandalism, and other serious crimes. It could be as easy as changing your door locks to as complex as getting an armed security professional present. Each solution is tailored to the individual, considering current market practices, the environment, the client’s culture, and the budget.


Surveillance systems are an integral part of ensuring the protection of your home or company. Wireless home surveillance cameras to advanced warning systems that alert law enforcement at the first sign of trouble is examples of these systems. The presence of surveillance cameras will discourage would-be criminals, while secret cameras can provide discreet protection.

The right equipment for the job will provide the required security, whether you want to keep an eye on workers at nearby facilities or log any person who approaches your front door.

Surveillance camera systems will record anything that happens in your house, whether you need a plan to protect your home or business. Check out the security systems at Flexitel to find the best protection for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Video Surveillance System?

Suppose you’re a rising company or have a significant amount of property to cover. In that case, there are many advantages to investing in surveillance camera systems rather than buying one camera at a time. Since they’re scalable, you can connect more IP cameras to your NVR at any time by buying new camera licenses. They’re also advantageous because they save money in the long run; security camera systems eliminate the need to buy each device separately. You can’t always buy only one IP camera; you’ll also need other vital equipment to mount it, which many users forget.

What makes us Unique

1. Consulting on a Project

Our experts conduct a thorough project evaluation to decide your company's needs and then collaborate with you to develop the security camera solution that's right for you! HD, IP, wireless, or CCTV are all options.

2. Security Audit (FREE)

Using blueprints/plans, digital images, drawings, and even online satellite imagery, we can perform a remote walkthrough of your facility. This FREE service provides a direct view of your house, campus, or company to our design team.

3. Integration of the systems

Our sales engineers have extensive security and IT technology experience, helping them efficiently customize the camera system for the optimum potential for customers with complex technology or security requirements.

How Flexitel Can Help you

IP security camera systems are well-known among Flexitel’s team of professional, seasoned network video technicians and sales representatives. You can reach out to us by calling or sending a letter, or you can request that we contact you to learn more about which surveillance system is best for your needs. We’ll evaluate your home, company, or organization and suggest the best surveillance camera system for you. Our video surveillance systems can be pre-configured for easier installation, and we can also customize them to suit your evolving security needs.

Attendance Systems

Flexitel launches a real-time Biometric attendance management system to increase consumer demand for a futuristic and accurate attendance system. Our biometric attendance aids businesses and companies in increasing efficiency and maximizing capital. Furthermore, real-time biometric attendance systems that are used for employee attendance have the potential to measure benefits on expended person-hours.

Our biometric time and attendance system increases worker protection and protects the working environment and a company’s valuable data. Furthermore, our attendance management system provides safe access control and authorization by monitoring and managing each employee’s entries and exits.

Our one-of-a-kind time and attendance system provides companies an unlimited attendance solution widely available and usable in several locations. To register attendance, our biometric machine recognizes an individual’s physiological features such as fingerprint, iris, and face detection, thereby eliminating manipulation at the workplace through proxy attendance.

Electric Door Lock

Flexitel Door Phone Solutions operate based on Pin code, Key fob and also can be controlled via phone or mobile devices remotely and can be equipped with camera. We work closely with door lock manufacturers and locksmiths to provide you with various dependable and affordable choices to suit your style. You can experience high-quality door locks and locksmith services during the whole process if you select Flexitel.

Your doors are vital security features as well as decorative elements in your home or office. With dual roles, it’s essential to think about your doors from both viewpoints. Our handymen are ready to help if you are unhappy with your doors’ appearance or are tired of dealing with damaged, broken, or unhinged doors. For the latest electric door locks, we can provide efficient and straightforward repairs and a beautiful installation.

Why Choose Flexitel

The Flexitel offers top-rated electric door locks in Canada’s Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have a large selection of automatic door locks in various designs, shapes, and finishes, and They can also be customized in terms of design, body, and size to meet our clients’ needs.

Electric door locks update the look of your commercial building’s entrance. Aside from that, Electric door locks provide convenient and trouble-free access to your company.

Our company’s foundation is service. We’ve been in business for years, and customer support and high-quality goods have always been a cornerstone of our operations. Regardless of the project’s size or scope, we strive to reach and exceed our customers’ standards. We want to maintain our commitment to service in the future.

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